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Tennessee Shapes Up

You can prevent excess weight gain. If you have already gained too much weight, you can lose it safely. The goal of the Tennessee Shapes Up program is to help you lose fat, not lean muscle tissue and to help you keep the fat off.

This program includes recommendations that will help prevent diabetes. By following recommendations in this program, people who have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic can prevent or delay for several years the onset of diabetes.

The Tennessee Shape Up consists of a series of lessons for adults (usually taught twice a week for eight weeks).

The lessons include time for a group activity such as walking as well as instruction.

In the Tennessee Shape Up program you will learn

  • How to make small diet and physical activity changes and keep them for a lifetime
  • How to estimate the amount of food you need to eat for your individual calorie needs
  • Why breakfast is important in helping to control weight gain
  • How to estimate portion sizes to have a balanced diet
  • Why fruits and vegetables protect you against diseases
  • How to recognize and overcome emotional eating
  • How to find ways to be more physically active
  • Why eating family meals together helps prevent obesity

Call your county Extension office to see when the next Tennessee Shapes Up program will be offered.

This program was developed by professors in the UT Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Department.

The publications below will help you choose a healthy way of life and control your weight. You may print these publications from the web or pick up a free copy from you county Extension office.